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In the small spam at time, we have been fortunate to partner more than 20+ corporate in the domains of Information Technology, Real Estate, E-commerce, Educational Sector and many more. We have deliberately remained small to retain our consistent quality and focus.

Information Technology

APTIT as a recruitment for IT sector India offers skilled and eminent staff available for various categories of Businesses. Since then, we have served hundreds of companies with experienced and skilled professionals.

The IT & IT enabled Service Segment has completely transformed the lives of every resident of the country. With the government allowing Special Economic Zones (SEZís) to be set up in every state, the boom for IT and ITES businesses has rapidly grown.

Technology is evolutionary - it changes and gets better as time passes on. With the growth of the IT and ITES sector, we see that new technology provides way to new skill sets and that means employment for talented and skilled labor.

Real Estate

Recruitment is a challenging job for real estate businesses and thus they look for the real estate recruitment agency in Delhi that provides talented and eminent graduates to the companies.

The time spent on advertising on different job portals, managing the complete hiring process and the total cost involved in filling a vacancy sometimes become a real headache for the businesses.

APTIT has emerged as real estate recruitment consultancy Delhi, a helping hand to all the business seeking qualified employees in its workplace.


APTIT is an education recruitment consultancy in Delhi offering fixed low cost recruitment solutions to companies including educational sectors, information Technology, Real Estate and e-commerce etc.

With the growing academic institutes is growing the need for recruitment in education sector India of quality excellence. Imparting right knowledge and skills to the young generation can guarantee the overall progress of a nation and massive economic growth. For that are required skilled resources in terms of education councilors, trainers, teachers, mentors and lecturers.

With new school, colleges, training institutes, coaching classes, Counselling Sessions & other various educational institutions opening in every city, the education sector too is fast growing.


APTIT is a recruitment agency for E-Commerce in Delhi that provides eminent and experienced graduates to the business organizations. There are about 139 million internet users approximately in India with 75 billion webpage views worldwide.

he E-Commerce growth in India has also been directly proportional to Internet penetration in India that is still only 8% of the countryís total population. Business organizations are investing numerous efforts to upgrade areas like logistics and the payment infrastructure.


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Career Counselling

Every day different careers and professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want

Skill Develop

Our engagement in skill development sector was triggered by the increasing demand of productive manpower

Industry Knowledge

Industry training programme was created in response to the growing need for better-trained employees

Live Project Activities

Students are given opportunities to work on live projects which give them ground exposure to market research

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