How it works

Getting started with Aptit

How It Works

Campus Recruitment Drive

A huge part of APTiT strategy is to bridge the gap between fresher and employers providing interview.


Every interview gives us an opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge and experience with others.

Selection of Right Candidates

Our next step is to do the assessment & select the right candidate for places / posts vacant.

On Spot Offer Letter

Offer letter from APTiT will provided to those who have been selected.

Get Trained with APTiT

With the help of skilled, qualified trainers, APTiT will train in required domain and will guide in every step of the way.

Starting work can be a unsettling experience and every workplace has its own unwritten rules and culture. Of course, nobody expects you to know everything the moment you walk in but it helps to be prepared for what you will face in a new job

Starting Working

Join the company and start you dream career. Turning students into professionals that employers can bank on from day one.


  • 1

    Job Oriented
    Training Programme

    APTIT has designed on job training programme for the Engineering & Management fresh graduates which will give them the natural advantage to be ahead of the competitors in the industry.

  • 2

    Training in
    professional environment

    We are a web innovation agency and not a training institute and so, we'll train you in a professional environment with a co-operative culture amongst working professionals.

  • 3

    Based Curriculum

    Who cares for outdated classroom theories? We only teach you the hardcore latest industry based in-demand technologies which will make you ready for your dream job.

  • 4

    from the Experts

    Instead of theorists, our industry professionals will hone your skills and teach you latest tools and techniques actually being used in the industry with real time experience.

  • 5

    Assignments & Projects

    With our training programmes, comes with the opportunity to work for latest industry based assignments, projects and tests to sharpen your skills on live competitive projects.

How We Do
Career Counselling

Every day different careers and professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want

Skill Develop

Our engagement in skill development sector was triggered by the increasing demand of productive manpower

Industry Knowledge

Industry training programme was created in response to the growing need for better-trained employees

Live Project Activities

Students are given opportunities to work on live projects which give them ground exposure to market research

Associate Companies