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PHP and PHP++
PHP and PHP++ is a special course offered to those how already know PHP programming. This course intends to cover important aspects of real time development tools and packages built with PHP as the base programming language. PHP++ is an object-oriented version of PHP. Its primary goal is to reduce the amount of code one would need to rewrite for his or her site while maintaining functionality. Its other goals include converting a decent percentage of PHP's base functions into classes.This course introduces you to object oriented programming principles, and teaches you how they are implemented in PHP. After the course, students will be able to design and write their PHP based applications to take full advantage of the object oriented facilities in PHP. Object Oriented programming techniques enable larger applications and systems to be written and maintained in a controlled manner without ongoing programming work getting out of hand. System life cycles can be extended, with increased code re-usability, maintainability and robustness.

PHP programming manages these web applications and is the widely popular solution for the dynamic requirements of the e-business worldwide. We, APTIT (www.aptit.net.in) are a top emerging institute for teaching the students to develop their career in web technology and IT field. Being one of the trusted PHP training institutes, we are providing job-oriented courses that will help you grab best job opportunities in the IT field. The range of professional courses provided by us include PHP with MySql Course, Word press Course, CMS training in Joomla Course and Drupal Course.


PHP Syntax Overview

  Getting Started with variables / Working with HTML Forms
What is PHP and Why do I need it?   What is variable and how to declare a variable ?
What is PHP file?   Putting text into variables
Installing and testing easy PHP   Adding up in PHP
Uses of PHP   Joining direct text and variable data
PHP syntax Overview   Overview of HTML form
Commenting PHP Code   Post attribute,action attribute and method attribute
Trouble shooting   More ACTION attribute
How to create images with PHP?  
Getting values from a Text Box String Manipulation
Handling sessions      

PHP Operators

  Conditional Logic / Arrays in PHP
PHP - String Creation   If Statements
String Concatenation Operator uses   Using If Statements
Splitting a line of text   If...else statements
Trimming White Space   if...elseif....else Statement
Shuffle characters String function list    Creating color design in logoGreater than and less than
The strlen() and strpos() function   What these mean: <= and >=
Learn Operator   VisualizationSwitch Case Statement
PHP Operators type   Switch Statement: Default Case
Arithmetic Operators   Operator Precedence and boolean values
Combination Arithmetic & Assignment Operators   What is an Array?
Logical (or Relational) Operators   Type of array
Array Operators   Creating an Array and it's type
      Getting at the values stored in Arrays
      Multidimensional Arrays
      Random Keys from an Array
      string break

Create your own Functions / Cookie

  Session / Date and Time Functions in PHP
An Introduction to PHP built in funcions   Session overview
Functions with Parameters and Functions - Returning Values   Starting a PHP Session and destroying a PHP Session
Returning an array from a function to main script   Storing a Session Variable
Dynamic Function Calls   The date( ) function
Call By Refernce and Call By Value   Using the date( ) function
HTTP Header() Function and The INCLUDE () function   getdate( ) Function
What is Cookie   Date() Format
How to Create a Cookies background?   Supplying a Timestamp
Retrieve Cookie Value      
Delete Cookie process      
In case a browser does not support Cookies?      

Working With Files In PHP

An Introduction to Working With Files In PHP      
Opening a file with readfile( )      
Opening a file with fopen( )      
Working with CSV files      
Reading a text file into an array      

In this Training Session Students will get 3 Months training and 3 Months Work on On-line Project


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