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Microsoft .NET 2010

APTIT (www.aptit.net.in) offers 6 monts Microsoft .NET 2010 training courses for beginner through expert level utilizing Microsoft Official Curriculum. APTIT (www.aptit.net.in) award winning learning process will help guide you to select the most relevant .NET training courses to help further your .NET career. Whether you are a C# or VB.NET expert developer or someone new to the Microsoft .NET Platform, we have a class for you.

Microsoft .NET 2010 is an integrated environment that helps simplify the entire development process—from design to deployment. If you are a developer or tester, unleash your creativity with powerful prototyping, modeling and design tools that help bring your vision to life. Work in a personalized environment and target a growing number of platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint and cloud applications that accelerate the programming process and allow you to use your existing skills.

With Visual Basic courses and .NET training from New Horizons of Boston, you can discover the new enhancements in the C# 4.0 language. Learn about the C# program structure, language syntax and implementation details with .NET Framework 4.0 through our C# courses.

Introduction to the .NET Initiative and the .NET Platform

  Code Management
Understanding DOT.NET   First VB.NET / C# program
Overview of .Net framework   Managing error codes & Definies error codes
DOTNET Philosophy   Data Types
About .NET history  
Code Access Security in .Net
Language of C#
Knowledge about .NET Platform and its layers   History of C#
Challenges faced by developers   Introduction of C#
Structure of a .NET   C# syntax
      How to run C# programmes
      Language fundamentals in C#
      Memory management
      .NET framework platform architecture
      Value Types

Language Features of VB.NET

  Object Oriented Programming Concepts
Introduction to the Visual Basic .NET   Programming Concepts
Understanding CSharp and VB.NET as Object Oriented Programming languages   How OOP is used in .NET?
Access Modifiers   Uses of Object Oriented Programming
Features of VB.NET and it's advantages   Class and Ojects declaration
Control statements and arrays   Public and private class
Adding Code to a Button   Classes & Interfaces
      Abstraction ,Inheritance & polymorphism
      Class member
      Static (Shared) classes and members
      Aggregation and overloading method
      Regular Expressions

Error and Exception Handling

  Assemblies and Application Domains
Need for Error Handling   Introduction
Uncaught Exceptions   Types of assemblies
Creating and Throwing Exceptions   Private & shared assemblies
System.Exception   Uses of assemblies
Design time errors and run time errors   Application domains
Handling exceptions multiple catch blocks      
Understanding Application exceptions      
Breakpoints and Debugging tools      
Error conditions and catching errors      
Throwing and Handling Exceptions      

In this Training Session Students will get 3 Months training and 3 Months Work on On-line Project.


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