Academy of Professional Training in Information Technology
PHP and MySql- 3 Months (Regular)

Minimum Eligibility : Successful completion of Class X Secondary school from a recognized board

Class timings : Two hours a day six days a week, several batches a day available

Fast track option : Available, four hours a day for two months

What will you learn?

This course will lend you a helping hand about how to use not only the basic and advanced versions of PHP but even make you an expert in this field. 

During the course, you will learn the following :-

1.         PHP Syntax 

2.         HTML Forms

3.         PHP Operators

4.         Arrays in PHP

5.         Session

6.         Working With Files In PHP

The course is not limited to above techniques but teaches several other techniques that makes a PHP Developer perfect in his field.
  PHP Syntax Overview

Getting Started with variables / Working with HTML Forms                                                                                      
PHP Operators   
Getting Started with variables / Working with HTML Forms
Conditional Logic / Arrays in PHP
What is PHP and Why do I need it?
PHP - String Creation
What is variable and how to declare a variable ?
If Statements
What is PHP file?
String Concatenation Operator uses
Putting text into variables
Using If Statements
Installing and testing easy PHP
Splitting a line of text
Adding up in PHP
If...else statements
Uses of PHP
Trimming White Space
Joining direct text and variable data
if...elseif....else Statement
PHP syntax Overview
Shuffle characters String function list
Overview of HTML form
Creating color design in logo < and >
Commenting PHP Code
The strlen() and strpos() function
Post attribute,action attribute and method attribute
What these mean: <= and >=
Trouble shooting
Learn Operator
More ACTION attribute
VisualizationSwitch Case Statement
How to create images with PHP?
PHP Operators type
Getting values from a Text Box String Manipulation
Switch Statement: Default Case
Handling sessions
Arithmetic Operators
Operator Precedence and boolean values
Create your own Functions / Cookie
Combination Arithmetic & Assignment Operators
Session / Date and Time Functions in PHP
What is an Array?
An Introduction to PHP built in funcions
Logical (or Relational) Operators
Session overview
Type of array
Functions with Parameters and Functions - Returning Values
Array Operators
Starting a PHP Session and destroying a PHP Session
Creating an Array and it's type
Returning an array from a function to main script
Getting at the values stored in Arrays
Storing a Session Variable
Multidimensional Arrays
Dynamic Function Calls
Random Keys from an Array
The date( ) function
String Break
Call By Refernce and Call By Value
Using the date( ) function
Working With Files In PHP
HTTP Header() Function and The INCLUDE () function
An Introduction to Working With Files In PHP
getdate( ) Function
Opening a file with readfile( )
What is Cookie
Opening a file with fopen( )
Date() Format
Working with CSV files
How to Create a Cookies background?
Reading a text file into an array
Supplying a Timestamp
Retrieve Cookie Value
Delete Cookie process
In case a browser does not support Cookies?
  Introduction to My SQL      
Databases and Components Create MYSQL FUNCTION / MYSQL JOIN
Indexing & Engine
Manipulate a MySQL Database / Constraints in Database
MySQL Substring
Basics of Relational Databases
What is index?
Access a MySQL database with PHP code
SQL Concatenate Functions
Feature and benefits of Mysql
Creating a MySQL Index - Existing Table
Adding records
MySQL replace function and LAST_INSERT_ID
Data types and Mysql Database structure
Merits and demerits of indexing on a table
Create a Table using SQL
View about aggregate functions
Connecting to and Disconnecting from the Server
MySQL Index - Speed and Extra Overhead
Updating & Deleting the records
What is Join ?
Retrieve, insert, update and delete the records
Overview of MySQL Storage Engine Architecture
Setting up the Database
Using Joins at Command Prompt and in PHP script
Using WHERE to limit the data returned
About Memory storage engine,CSV storage engine, Archive storage engine,Federated storage engine
Connecting to and disconnecting from the server
Right Join and Left Join
Primary Keys
How can we change a table engine?
Table creation,drop and delete
Inner Join and Full join
Not NULL Constraint
ALTER Command to add and drop PRIMARY KEY
Altering existing Table structure
Unique Constraint
Referential Integrity Constraint
Constraint Check


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