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Career Counselling
Career counseling is professional advice from trained career counselors to systematically analyze the options and opportunities available to pursue. Career counseling assists you in exploring the potential areas of specializations and occupations suitable to your skill-set. Aptitude and interest tests help in assessment of your temperamental inclinations and the career counselor evaluates the results for you to indicate the desired direction.

Career counseling by trained professionals helps you in knowing the unknown. The first step for charting a career path is knowing yourself. Becoming aware of what I have and what are the options and opportunities available to me is most important to begin your journey of career development. The first unknown you discover through career counseling is You. Career counseling helps you in finding your interests, preferences and natural skill areas.

The next unknown you discover is the career options available to you, that is, the career fields most appropriate to your personality type. The third unknown career counseling shows to you is the way to approach your career development. Our trained career counselors advice you on the various modes of formal training and education essential to reach your desired goals. Our career counseling services are available for high school students, for professional graduates entering job market, executives trapped mid-way at different stages of their career.

Through our experienced Counselors, you are assured of high-quality counseling services, vast knowledge of various technologies, and an excellent understanding of current and future trends. we provide a comprehensive and customized range of technical counseling solutions to suit your business objectives. Our counseling approach includes all aspects of preparation, skill development, reinforcement, and measurement to ensure performance improvement and an overall shift in culture – the ultimate measure of success.

Our Counselor services are aimed at providing you with guidance and recommendations at every step of the decision-making process. APTIT (www.aptit.net.in) continually strive to provide the highest quality services to maximize both client’s satisfaction and the return of investment.

We strongly believe that quality is a process not an end result. Therefore we have selected professional counselors with strong technical background. They are with APTIT (www.aptit.net.in) technologies not only because of their experience and expertise, but also their desire to excel in the field of proper deployment of resources. Thus it is the result of their knowledge and rich experience, that we are able to help the right person with the right guidance.

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